Academic Advising

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Meet your partners for academic success

The Advising Center is the hub of student support for the college. This is where you can get answers to questions and practical advice about everything from choosing courses to applying for scholarships. The staff of the Advising Center will be here for you when your academic progress is steady — and if you hit a rocky patch on the trail. Already know who your advisor is? Access Navigate to schedule an appointment.

When to see your advisor

It’s important to stay in contact with your advisor. To ensure that you get the most out of this partnership, your advisor needs to know your successes and challenges, and how they can help. See your advisor when you need assistance with:

  • Exploring your interests and choosing a major
  • Reviewing major checksheets and minor checksheets
  • Choosing and registering for courses
  • Adding/changing a major or minor
  • Interpreting degree audit reports
  • Locating scholarship possibilities
  • Planning for a study abroad trip
  • Locating resources for additional help

Advising and registration FAQs

Course substitutions are approved on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to request a course substitution, talk with your academic advisor and then fill out the course substitution form.

During the first six weeks of the semester, you can drop a course via Hokie SPA.

After the drop deadline, consider applying the “W” grade policy, which allows you to withdraw from up to three courses throughout your time at Virginia Tech. The deadline to withdraw from a course is usually the last day of classes for the semester (before Reading Day).

Make sure you schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss the pros and cons of withdrawing, as well as your plan for re-taking the course.  During this appointment, you can also fill out a course withdrawal form, which is available only in the Advising Center.    

When a class is full, the only way you can add it is by “force-adding.”  To do so, you must have permission from the department offering the class or the instructor.

Some departments have specific force-add procedures. If the department does not have its own procedure, then see the instructor of the class. If he or she agrees to add you to the class, you must get that instructor's signature on a force-add form (forms are available from any academic department).

Once the instructor signs the form, submit it to the department for processing (for example, if it is a PSYC class, turn the form in to the Psychology Department). You do not need your advisor to sign the form.    

If you are taking courses elsewhere, you must fill out the Authorization of Transfer Credit Form.

You will need to check the Transfer Equivalency Database to see whether any courses have transferred from the institution in the past. Regardless of whether a course is listed, submit the Authorization of Transfer Credit Form so your advisor can can confirm whether the course is equivalent to a Virginia Tech offering and, thus, transferable.

Please be aware that grades do not transfer, only credit hours. Also, you must earn a grade of C or better for the credits to transfer to Virginia Tech.

See the information on our Change Majors page.

See the information on our Change Majors page.

See the information on our Change Majors page.

DARS is short for Degree Audit Report System. A DARS report will show you which graduation requirements you have completed and which requirements you still need to complete.

Before you can runs a DARS report, however, you must apply for your degree in the first semester of your junior year (or when you have earned 60 credit hours). To apply for your degree, go to Hokie SPA and click on the “Degree Menu.” Then enter when you plan to graduate and your major(s), option(s), and minor(s), if applicable.

After applying for your degree, you can request a DARS report in the same degree menu. Once you have your report, you should review it with your advisor. It is important to request a new DARS report at least once a semester or whenever something changes.

If you are not yet eligible to apply for your degree, you can run a “what if” DARS report. This is a hypothetical DARS report based on any major you choose. You can find the “what if” DARS in the same degree menu.

Students who earn at least a 3.4 GPA while taking 12 or more credit hours attempted are named to the dean’s list. Pass/fail hours do not count toward dean’s list eligibility, and dean’s list honors are not extended to summer sessions. Students who are named to the dean’s list will be notified via email.

Once you reach junior standing (or have earned 60 credit hours), you should apply for your degree. To do so, go to Hokie SPA and click on the “Degree Menu.” Then enter when you plan to graduate and your major(s), option(s), and minor(s), if applicable.