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Videos: CNRE students in action

Hands-on training for tackling complex environmental challenges

Check out some of our videos and get a front row seat to life in the College of Natural Resources and Environment. You’ll see our students in action as they do everything from managing a prescribed burn to releasing a rehabilitated hawk to working on a sustainable biomaterials research project. You can also get a glimpse of what it means to put your education to the test by participating in an internship or connecting with employers at the annual career fair.

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Meet CNRE’s 2021 Outstanding Senior: Isaiah Moore

Early experiences motivated Moore, who earned dual degrees in meteorology and geography, to study both the science of weather and the human impacts caused by extreme weather events.

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Cherished oak tree provides a learning opportunity

CNRE students met with University Arborist Jamie King and Geoff Manning of Manning Arboriculture to learn about the care that has been prescribed to preserve the Alwood Oak.

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Braving the elements to learn essential forestry skills

Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation students navigated cold temperatures and steep terrain to get hands-on experience in surveying tract boundaries in nearby Fishburn Forest.

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Helping a Cooper’s hawk spread its wings and fly

A Cooper’s hawk that flew into a window at the Alphin Stuart Livestock Arena is now flying free above Virginia Tech thanks to Hokies and the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke.

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Finding a passion for wildland fire management

After John Kese suffered an injury while playing baseball in high school, he found new inspiration through his interests in forestry and the outdoors, finding his niche in CNRE and discovering a fiery passion for, well, fire.

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Mastering wildlife field techniques at Mountain Lake Biological Station

Wildlife conservation students participated in a 10-day field experience, where they tried their hand at setting up camera traps and small mammal trapping grids, managing bird point counts, bat detecting, and more.

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Learning the secrets of entrepreneurial success

Students involved in the Wood Enterprise Institute design, produce, and market a wood-based product each year. Products have included customized dog bowl holders, cutting boards, and wine racks.

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Testing the waters through internships

Jonathan Reynolds, a recent graduate with degrees in water and environmental resources management, believes his internships laid an important foundation for a career in water management.

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Turning a passion for skateboarding into a research project

After wondering about the possibility of recycling skateboard decks, Dylan Willard worked with Professor Joe Loferski to create wooden panels made from cast-off boards and tested their strength and other factors.

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Researching the effects of fire on forest vegetation

Adam Coates, assistant professor of forest fire ecology and management, leads a prescribed burn at Fishburn Forest with CNRE students who are part of the Wildland Fire: Ecology and Management course.