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Preserving our natural heritage for future generations

Students and faculty in the College of Natural Resources and Environment are doing the work that will have a direct impact on our greatest natural resource of all—a sustainable planet. Through an array of high-impact research and learning experiences, our college epitomizes the “hands-on, minds-on” approach that is a core value of the university. Yet, it is our shared culture of caring and concern for the environment and each other that gives a uniquely “hearts-on” orientation to all that we do.

Understanding and solving big problems

The Colleges of Natural Resources and the Environment brings all disciplines in the organization to bear on solving problems that are overwhelmingly complex and affect our activities and economies at every level—local, national, and global. Through the applied and practical research of our faculty, we seek to meet society’s and industry’s needs by influencing policy making now, and by educating the change agents who will be making informed decisions in the future.

Learning in the field and in the world

Students in the College of Natural Resources and the Environment are out there, learning by doing and solving real problems, gathering the skills that lead to career success, and collaborating with our committed and expert faculty in learning environments ranging from a packaging lab to a storm chasing van. The result? Future leaders who have the skills and knowledge to make an impact and the passion to want to.

Sharing our concern for the environment

The College of Natural Resources and the Environment may be small, but we are also mighty as a supportive, close-knit family that pushes each other to succeed and nurtures community and connectivity. We unite under the shared satisfaction of making a difference and seek to develop and sustain future professionals who exemplify an ethic of stewardship and find a lifetime of fulfillment.

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