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What's it like to study in Antarctica?

Share the experience through the journals of three students who journeyed to the coldest and most remote continent on Earth.

A group of people in an inflatable zodiac boat pass in front of an iceberg.
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A composite of three photos Desraeli McBride standing with a spotting scope (at left), McBride kneeling while holding an American Oystercatcher chick with one hand (at center), hands holding an American Oystercatcher

Research fellowship takes student from campus to the coast

Desraeli McBride's research focuses on American Oystercatcher chick habitat within barrier islands along the east coast.

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Can people feel joy when feeding birds?

Ashley Dayer joined the "Curious Conversations" podcast to chat about her work at the intersection of birds and humans, including the impact of feeding birds.

Justin Brandt in a lab holding a sample block of cross-laminated timber with a hole cutout in the center

Undergraduate researcher addresses affordable housing needs

Justin Brandt’s research could increase the usability and value of cross-laminated timber as a sustainable building material.

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