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Student Experience

We’re for the environment— and each other

Curious. Technical. Earthy. Practical. Altruistic. Caring. Connected. That’s how our students describe themselves and our culture. As a group, we’re also defined by what we have in common: a shared concern for the environment. This concern takes many forms, so that’s why we offer so many opportunities for learning and connecting. The rest is up to you.

Find people who share your passions

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There are many ways to get involved in the college, and you’ll have plenty of chances to meet people who share your academic interests and want to experience the same kind of adventures that you do. Start by connecting with other students and then look for opportunities beyond the classroom. Consider studying abroad or getting involved in a research project, or really put yourself out there by applying for the Leadership Institute.

Get support when you need it

When you’re a student at Virginia Tech, you’ll find that you have many different families and individuals to turn to when you need support. If you run into some challenges, first reach out to your CNRE academic advisor. They can help with any academic issues or get you connected with other campus services.

Reach for the stars while living in the Orion LLC

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Orion is a living-learning community open to students in 35+ different science majors, including programs in the College of Natural Resource and Environment. Choose Orion and you’ll belong to a community of curious thinkers and live with students who share your academic interests. The community is dedicated to challenging, supporting, and inspiring undergraduate science students who are striving for academic and professional excellence.

Settle in to your new home: Blacksburg

You’ll start getting to know your new home when you first visit or attend an open house program. Then, when move-in day arrives and your first semester starts, make it a point to experience the best of Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, and the New River Valley. If you like the outdoors, you won’t be disappointed, but there are plenty of other activities to try and places to visit — we’d say about four years’ worth!