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Welcome to CNRE! Ready to get started?

In response to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, summer orientation for new students and families will be online. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the College of Natural Resources and Environment!

As part of the orientation process, first-year and transfer students are required to attend a virtual meeting with their advisor to discuss their fall schedule, in addition to attending New Student Orientation. These are two separate events, so it is likely that your advising session will not be the same day as your orientation session with New Student and Family Programs. Make sure you register for your orientation session as soon as possible and keep checking your Virginia Tech email for important updates and announcements, including information about preparing for and scheduling your advising session.

Your CNRE advisor is looking forward to meeting with you and helping you make a smooth transition to Virginia Tech!

Plan your next steps using the University Advising Checklist

You’ve applied, been accepted, and are preparing to begin your transition to life at Virginia Tech! What should you be doing to ensure your first semester goes well? You can find out using the University Advising Checklist. It will guide you through everything from creating your username and password to completing your dining contract.

While some of the included items can take time, completion will help ensure that you are ready for the advising and registration process. Please review the University Advising Checklist below and complete the items prior to your advising session.

University Advising Checklist

  1. CREATE A NEW PID at (Allow 24 hours before completing the remainder of this checklist.)
  2. ENROLL in the 2-Factor Authentication with Duo at
  3. DOWNLOAD the DUO Mobile App on your personal smartphone and enroll the device via
  4. ACCESS, READ, and USE your Virginia Tech Google Apps email daily. Your Virginia Tech email is how the college and your advisor will communicate with you.
  5. ADD your Virginia Tech email to the personal smartphone that you will be bringing to orientation. See how here.
  6. SIGN UP for Orientation (deadline: June 17). Spaces do fill up, so the earlier you register the more dates you’ll have to choose from. Go to
    • Click “Hokie Spa”
    • Click “Information for New Students”
    • Click “New Student Orientation” and then “Sign Up for Orientation”
  7. COMPLETE the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if you wish to apply for financial aid via
  8. COMPLETE and SUBMIT the immunization history form via
  9. COMPLETE the housing/dining contract (required for first-year students) at Review living-learning community options at
  10. SEND your official transcripts (high school) to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions once you have final grades (Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 925 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA 24061).
  11. SEND all AP, IB, CLEP, and Cambridge scores to Virginia Tech’s Office of the University Registrar. AP and CLEP results must be sent to Virginia Tech from the College Board (they will not process copies of scores). Send to Virginia Tech Registrar, Student Services Bldg, Suite 250, 800 Washington Street, Blacksburg, VA 24061. Use School Code #5859.
  12. SEND official transcripts for dual enrollment courses or courses taken at other universities to Virginia Tech’s Office of the University Registrar (Virginia Tech Registrar, Student Services Bldg, Suite 250, 800 Washington Street, Blacksburg, VA 24061).
  13. LOOK UP how courses may transfer to Virginia Tech:
  14. VERIFY receipt of AP, IB, CLEP, Cambridge, transfer credits on Hokie Spa at
    • Click “Hokie Spa”
    • Click “Grades Menu”
    • Click “Transfer and Other Additional Credits”

Your CNRE advising experience

As a CNRE student, there are a few important things you need to know about how to get the most out of your advising experience. Check out the information below for suggestions on what you should be doing before, during, and after your advising session.

If you are interested in taking a summer class, CNRE offers a variety of online options. Students interested in summer courses can choose from two six-week sessions or one twelve-week session.

Course code Course title Pathways CLE Session Dates
FIW 2984 Fishing Hunting & Animal Ethics N/A N/A Two Jul. 7 - Aug. 13
FIW 2984 Fish and Wildlife Conservation Policy N/A N/A One May 24 - Jul. 2
FREC 1004/
GEOG 1084
Digital Planet 5f 5 One May 24 - Jul. 2
FREC 2004 Forest Ecosystems 4 4 Two Jul. 7 - Aug. 13
FREC 2114 Ecology of Appalachian Forests 4 4 Three May 24 - Aug. 13
GEOG 1004 Human Geography 3 3 Two Jul. 7 - Aug. 13
GEOG 1014 World Regions 3 3/7 One May 24 - Jul. 2
GEOG 2054 Introduction to World Politics 3 3/7 One and
May 24 - Jul. 2 and
Jul. 7 - Aug. 13
GEOG 2064 Global Economy and World Politics 3 3/7 Two Jul. 7 - Aug. 13
GEOG 2084 Principles of GIS N/A N/A One May 24 - Jul. 2
GEOG 2984 Geography of Russia N/A N/A One May 24 - Jul. 2
GEOG 3254 Geography of East Asia  N/A 7 One May 24 - Jul. 2
GEOG 3314 Cartography 6d N/A One May 24 - Jul. 2
GEOG 4054 Geography of Wine N/A N/A Two Jul. 7 - Aug. 13
GEOG 4354 Intro to Remote Sensing N/A N/A One May 24 - Jul. 2

To register for a Virginia Tech summer class, contact the Office of Admissions at to request summer enrollment. Then, contact an advisor at for assistance with registration. More information on the summer sessions, including session dates and registration dates, can be found at Virginia Tech Summer Sessions.

  • Virginia Tech uses the Canvas learning management system for most classes and academic programs, and we will be using Canvas to share and gather information from you this summer. 

  • On June 2, first-year and transfer students will receive an invitation to the Advising Center’s Orientation Canvas site, as well as an invitation to schedule an advising session. These communications will be sent to your Virginia Tech email, so make sure you check your email regularly. 

  • The Advising Center’s Orientation Canvas site will contain important information about the advising process in CNRE and what to expect at your advising session. You’ll also find a scheduling worksheet that must be completed prior to meeting with your advisor. 

  • Your advisor will begin to build a schedule based on your major and the information submitted on your scheduling worksheet. When you attend your virtual advising session, your advisor will discuss fall course recommendations with you and answer any questions you may have about registration and degree requirements.

  • As part of the orientation process, you will attend a virtual advising session with your academic advisor. This meeting is a separate event from your orientation session with New Student and Family Programs.

  • Please note that there will be a hold on your account until your advising session. Once you have met with your advisor, however, you will be able to make changes to your schedule using Hokie SPA.

  • Make sure you have all these items available when you meet with your academic advisor:

    • A charged cell phone for Virginia Tech two-factor authentication

    • Your Virginia Tech username and password.

    • A list of all sources of anticipated credits (AP, IB, dual enrollment, etc.).

    • Copies of credit information (transcripts, AP/IB scores, etc.).

After your virtual advising session, you will be able to make changes to your schedule. However, it is highly recommended that you do NOT make changes to first-year classes such as ENGL 1105, ENGL 1106, COMM 1015, CHEM 1035/1045, BIOL 1105/1115, MATH 1025, or MATH 1225. These classes are in high demand and if you drop one of them, even accidentally, you may not get back in and will then risk falling behind in your program of study. If you have questions and feel a change to your schedule is needed, please contact your advisor.

After online orientation and by 5 p.m. on September 4, you need to complete the New Student Launch modules. You’ll receive the instructions for this last action item in the final email you receive from your CNRE advisor before the start of the fall semester.

Before you come to campus for move-in, make sure you review all information about where to go and where to check in, as well as how to access campus maps.

Finally, start making plans for how you’ll get involved in your college and/or major outside the classroom. You can learn more about CNRE clubs and organizations and connect with groups that interest you.

Orientation info for families and guests

As part of CNRE’s summer advising process, we invite families and guests to join us for a virtual college session led by Dean Paul M. Winistorfer. Also in attendance will be Associate Dean Keith Goyne and our four department heads. During this session, you will learn more about CNRE and have the opportunity to ask questions.

A number of college sessions will be offered and you can join any session; no preregistration is required. Information about session dates, times, and access will be emailed to students. Please note that these sessions are not a substitute for student attendance at online New Student Orientation or a virtual advising session.

Sign up for your orientation session

In addition to attending an advising session, attending orientation is important for your success at Virginia Tech and in CNRE. Therefore, we require students to attend both events. Summer orientation sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so register as soon as you can. More information about all things orientation is available through the Office of Student Affairs.