Be the hero of a CNRE story

Julie Spapperi-Morton and Kent Morton’s CNRE story began when a friend passed them a copy of a Virginia Tech magazine and they saw an article about the college. Now, they’re supporting students who are working with the college’s Conservation Management Institute on projects involving woodland salamanders and the American chestnut. (That's Julie in the middle of the photo above and Kent is on her right. To Julie's left is Buck Cox, who generously allows students to conduct their research projects on his property.)

If you talk to a CNRE supporter, you’ll hear a variety of stories about how they got involved with the college. But you’ll also find that they have something in common: a passion for supporting what’s closest to their hearts. If you want to learn more about the college and have a great idea for making an impact, let us know. We’re always looking for heroes.

Make an online gift today

If you are ready to support CNRE, making a gift online is easy and convenient.

  1. Go to the online form.
  2. Select or enter your gift amount.
  3. Select the College of Natural Resources and Environment as the area you would like to give to.
  4. You may also then select a department or student organization, or give to the annual fund. Giving to the annual fund means your gift will be used to support our most pressing needs. (If you would like to give to the John F. Hosner Legacy Fund, please select "Other" and then type the name of the fund in the "Designation" box that appears.)
  5. Fill in your personal information.
  6. Click the “Give now” button.

Want to make an impact on the environment and Virginia Tech? Reach out!

If you are interested in supporting the college and learning more about our priorities, contact Emily Hutchins, chief advancement officer. Emily can help you find a way to support what matters to you, whether it’s making college possible for a deserving student, supporting ground-breaking research, or getting involved in outreach activities.

Contact Emily at 540-231-5525 or

Come get inspired and see your impact

Are you a graduate of CNRE or someone who is interested in what we do? We’d love to have you come visit! You can meet the people of CNRE and see how we are transforming the world — and learn how you can help. We would be happy to arrange a tour of our facilities, a visit to the field with faculty, lunch with students, or the chance to sit in on a class.