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Real learning for the real world

The education you’ll receive in CNRE is filled with hands-on opportunities to learn and practice the skills you’ll use in your career. We’ll give you a strong foundation of knowledge in the classroom and then send you to the places where you can apply what you’ve learned — and discover new interests and passions.

People unfurl a mist net

11 majors: which one fits you?

Find the right major and everything else falls into place. You’ll be learning about what interests you in a college that feels like home and working with people who just seem to get what you’re all about. Check out our majors and take the first step in finding your niche.

Your network for academic and career success

One of the best parts about CNRE and Virginia Tech is the encouragement and support that you’ll get from our academic and career advisors. They’ll be right beside you as you figure everything out.    

Get your bearings in unique classroom experiences

Before going out to the field or into the lab, your academic experience begins in the classroom. This is where you’ll put your mind to work and immerse yourself in your field of study in upper-level classes that average only 20 students. You’ll have the opportunity to experience transformational spaces, like our active learning classroom that promotes creativity and engagement, and transform spaces like the packaging research lab. You’ll even sample subjects in new ways, like the brews in the Geography of Tea course.

Dr. Dendro, The Plaid Avenger, and other fearless faculty

Our students often find their own passions ignited by those of their faculty. It might be in your first outdoor dendrology lab as you learn how to identify trees with John Seiler (Dr. Dendro). Or maybe when your geography instructor, John Boyer (aka The Plaid Avenger), arranges for your class to Skype a world leader like the Prime Minister of Australia. They are dedicated to making learning more effective and more enjoyable for everyone.    

With the help of his trusty assistant, Katie Pritchard, John Boyer recorded mini lectures all over the world to broadcast to his World Regions students on campus. Here, they are atop Lion’s Head Mountain overlooking Cape Town, South Africa.

Boyer records mini lecture on Lion's Head Mountain in South Africa.