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The next meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, from 4 to 5 p.m.

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Get engaged with your faculty association

The purpose of the CNRE Faculty Association is to create an effective faculty organization that can enter into partnerships for shared responsibility and cooperative action between and among the faculty, administration, and students in order to promote the general welfare of the College of Natural Resources and Environment.

As your CNRE Faculty Association representatives, the officers and committee members will work to:

  • Facilitate effective communication between faculty and the college administration
  • Organize semiannual faculty association meetings
  • Share important information from University Governance with college faculty
  • Represent CNRE in University Governance

Meet your faculty association officers and committee members    

CNRE Faculty Association officers

CNRE Faculty Association committees and members

All standing committee appointments are for three years, except for Nominations and Elections Committee, which serves two years. Terms expire on May 1 of each year. Committees consist of five members: one member from each of the four departments and one member at large. Exceptions: Teaching Honorifics Committee consists of one member from each department who has previously won at least one Virginia Tech teaching award, and Nominations and Election Committee consists of one member from each department. Ex officio members are in addition to the foregoing and do not vote.

  • Willa Chaves (at large), FWC, term ends 2027
  • John Gray Williams (ex officio), CNRE, term does not end
  • Elizabeth Nyboer, FWC, term ends 2027
  • Amy Brunner, FREC, term ends 2026
  • Stephanie Zick, GEOG, term ends 2024
  • Maren Roman, SBIO, term ends 2026
  • Arlice Banks (ex officio), staff, term does not end
  • Cathy Barker (ex officio), staff, term does not end

University committees

  • Faculty Senate:
    • Sarah Karpanty, FWC, term ends 2027
    • Carolyn Copenheaver, FREC, term ends 2027
    • Anamaria Bukvic, GEOG, term ends 2027
    • Dan Hindman, SBIO, term ends 2026
  • University Council:
    • Paul Winistorfer, dean, term does not end
    • Dan Hindman (SBIO), term ends 2025
  • Academic Support Committee: Francesco Feretti (FWC), term ends 2025
  • Athletics Committee: Kenneth Stiles (GEOG), term ends 2026
  • Commencement Committee: Stewart Scales (GEOG), term ends 2026
  • Library Committee: Phil Radtke (FREC), term ends 2027
  • University Curriculum Committee for General Education: Vacant, term ends 2027
  • Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies: Brian Strahm (FREC), term ends 2027
  • Commission on Outreach and International Affairs: Lynn Resler (GEOG), term ends 2026
  • Commission on Research: Quinn Thomas (FREC), term ends 2026
  • Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies:
    • Keith Goyne, dean designee, term does not end
    • Audrey Zink-Sharp (SBIO), term ends 2025
  • University Advisory Council on Strategic Budget and Planning: John McGee (FREC), term ends 2026
  • Faculty Ethics Committee: Bob Bush (SBIO), term ends 2025
  • Faculty Review Committee:
    • Jay Sullivan (FREC), term ends 2026
    • Scott Barrett (FREC), term ends 2026

All terms expire on June 30.

We'd like your feedback

Do you have suggestions or comments that you would like to bring to the CNRE Faculty Association officers? Please contact Laszlo Horvath at