How to Find Your Advisor

Check out the staff profiles below or go to HokieSpa HokieSpa tab View your general student information

Schedule an appointment

Use the Student Success Collaborative to schedule a meeting with your dedicated academic advisor.

Walk-in advising

Wednesdays from 2-4 p.m.

Walk in advising is for quick questions or when you need a signature on a form, and sessions are limited to 5-10 minutes. Walk-in advising is also a good chance to ask questions about substitution forms, AP/transfer credit, force-adding, and additional sources for referrals or advice. Please note that walk-in advising is not offered during first week of classes or course request week.

Meet The Advising Center Team

Tom Hammett, Professor CY, Associate Dean of The Advising Center

Tom Hammett

A.L. "Tom" Hammett

Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Professor


Stephanie Hart

Stephanie Lang

Stephanie Hart

Director of The Advising Center


Melissa Cumbia Headshot

Melissa Cumbia

Academic Advisor, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Maureen Deisinger

Headshot of Maureen Deisinger

Maureen Deisinger

Academic Advisor, Geography


Lauren Varboncoeur Headshot

Lauren Varboncoeur

Academic Advisor, Fish and Wildlife Conservation


Dana McGuire Headshot

Dana McGuire

Academic Advisor, Sustainable Biomaterials


Cathy Barker

Cathy Barker Headshot

Cathy Barker

Student Services Coordinator

John Gray Williams

Headshot of John Gray Williams

John Gray Williams

Director of Recruitment


Linda Fitzgerald

Linda Fitzgerald

Academic Support Specialist