Closeup of a salamander on a wet fallen log.
A northern pygmy salamander Haney snapped while “herping” during her Wildlife Field Techniques class.
Sydney Haney standing in a bog with a camera up to her face.
Wildlife conservation major Sydney Haney on location in a bog in the Conecuh National Forest in Alabama.

A simple favor changed Sydney Haney’s life: at Elkton Middle School, she was allowed to borrow a camera from teacher Dave McCartney. The result was the discovery of two passions: photography and wildlife.

“I fell in love with photography,” said Haney, a senior majoring in wildlife conservation. “I explored wildlife and nature through the lens. Having those pictures helped me learn more about the species that were around me and their ecosystems. At the same time, having a greater interest has made me seek out places to take pictures.”

After graduation, Haney hopes to keep working with both of her loves: wildlife and cameras. She shared two of her favorite images with us, and you can see more of her work at