The college’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability in the National Capital Region has formed the 2050 Council — a 14-member external advisory group comprised of business, nonprofit, and public sector executives. “Since 2050 is the reference point for many of the discussions about environmental sustainability that are occurring worldwide, we thought it a very appropriate designation for this group,” said Michael Mortimer, center director.

The center’s overall goal is to educate, inspire, and empower professionals to create a better future for people and the planet as they meet global growth and development challenges that include water, food, energy, and climate. Council members will serve as advisers to Mortimer, senior fellows, and faculty, offering input on special programs and topics, stakeholder engagement, leadership training, networking, and educational product development.

“In organizing this council, we have chosen exceptional individuals whose expertise and real-world insights are invaluable during this time of growth for the center and for Virginia Tech in the National Capital Region,” Mortimer said. “Most importantly, they are passionate about the center’s mission.” Each council member will serve a two-year term, and the council will convene in-person at least once per year.