Robert J. “Bob” Warren (’76 M.S., ’79 Ph.D. fisheries and wildlife sciences) received the Gerald H. Cross Alumni Leadership Award from the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation and the college’s Leadership Institute. Warren, a career-long educator, has served on the faculty of the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources since 1983 and was named a Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor in 1999.

“Receiving the Cross Leadership Award is especially meaningful to me,” Warren said. “I was very fortunate to attend graduate school at Virginia Tech because it provided the foundation for my successful career in academia and the wildlife profession. Not only did I receive an exceptional education in wildlife science, but the faculty and my fellow graduate students served as role models and mentors who inspired me to achieve my fullest potential as a wildlife biologist.”

Warren’s research interests include the ecology and management of wildlife populations, especially in parks and urban/suburban areas; predator ecology and management; wildlife damage management; and wildlife physiology, nutrition, and genetics.

Professor Emeritus Gerald H. Cross, head of what was then called the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences from 1976 to 1989, created a continuing education program focusing on leadership development for Forest Service professionals. Approximately 1,000 natural resource professionals have participated in the program since 1988. The leadership that Cross demonstrated inspired the creation of his namesake award, whose recipients are recognized for their dedication and outstanding achievements in leading others.