Haoyu Liu of Shanghai, China, a doctoral student in the macromolecular science and engineering program under the supervision of Professor Kevin Edgar, received the American Chemical Society’s Cellulose and Renewable Materials Division (CELL) Graduate Student Award. This prestigious international award, given to only one student each year, recognizes excellence in cellulose or renewable materials research. This is the second consecutive year that a student from Edgar’s lab has won this prominent award.

Liu, already a co-inventor on a patent application, has authored seven published papers and presented papers at several international scientific meetings. His research, in collaboration with Professor Lynne Taylor’s lab at Purdue University, has uncovered a superior family of cellulose polymers for enhancing the oral bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs, which can lead to lower doses, fewer patient side effects, and lower drug costs, and can help to rejuvenate new drug pipelines.