Virginia Tech is ranked as an elite institution in 13 of the 30 subjects evaluated at more than 3,000 universities worldwide, putting it in the top 200 of the ranked programs. The overall ranking for Virginia Tech compared to the total ranked universities for 2013-14 is 316; the school was ranked 337 in 2012-13. In some of the subjects — agriculture and forestry, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering — Virginia Tech ranked in the top 100 of the 10,639 programs evaluated.

The forestry program also placed in the top 100 in the QS World University rankings. “Virginia Tech’s forestry program has been recognized as a top program in North America for many years, so it is not surprising that it ranks in the top 100 around the world,” noted Dean Paul Winistorfer. “Our superlative teaching and research focus on the latest applications to uncover the science needed to manage forests and other natural resources.”

The rankings are based on survey responses by faculty throughout the world, but respondents are only asked to evaluate universities in their region. This year, more than 62,000 faculty members responded and almost 74 percent of the respondents were professors or associate professors.