Authored by three geospatial experts — doctoral candidate Tammy Parece and professors James Campbell and John McGee — the e-book “Remote Sensing Analysis in an ArcMap Environment” was designed specifically to help make the tremendous volume of remotely sensed images more accessible to people who are learning, teaching, and working in geospatial sciences. Data derived from remote sensing imagery is often used as a “backdrop” to accurately develop GIS map layers. Written for students and professionals who have access to new remote sensing software through their employers or educational institutions, the e-book is presented as a set of tutorials, with screen-capture videos that walk readers through each step of the process and provide links that expand the training to supplemental information and support online. The book’s nominal price — $2.99, or free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers — encourages wide distribution.

People often enter the forest products industry based on their passion for working with wood; they may not have an understanding of sound business practices. “Business Management Practices for Small to Medium Sized Forest Products Firms,” by Professor Bob Smith and alumnus Omar Espinoza, presents the nuts and bolts of business management as it relates to the forest products industry, offering business owners and managers a framework for success. The book’s chapters cover major topics in business management, such as strategic planning, human resources, finance, marketing, and operations management. The final chapter guides readers through writing a business plan. Appendixes include a sample business plan and contact information for dozens of agencies and organizations that can serve as resources. Funded by the U.S. Forest Service, the book is available free in electronic or hard copy format.