Todd Holbrook (’84 M.S. in wildlife science), former deputy commissioner of Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), has been named president and CEO of the Georgia Wildlife Federation. Holbrook, who has 27 years of experience with the Georgia DNR, including stints as assistant director of the Wildlife Resources Division and chief of Game Management, was responsible for several groundbreaking studies into the decline, recruitment, and retention of hunting and angling participation.

“I am proud to be joining a sportsmen’s organization with three-quarters of a century of conservation history,” Holbrook said. “The Georgia Wildlife Federation will con- tinue to be active in the defense of the public’s rights to enjoy the public’s fish and wildlife and to maintain these resources in abundance.”

Under Holbrook’s leadership, the Georgia DNR enacted a scientifically driven, comprehensive statewide deer management plan to maintain the quality of both the state’s world-class deer population and its hunting oppor- tunities while keeping the deer population in balance with the habitat. Holbrook was also a leader in developing youth education programs that parallel the nationally recognized education programs of the Georgia Wildlife Federation.

“Todd Holbrook is going to do an absolutely great job as the Georgia Wildlife Federation’s next CEO,” said Board Chairman Matt Nichols. “His education, experience, and leadership ability alone qualify him for the position, but his great reputation, his passion for wildlife and habitat conservation, and his energy and enthusiasm are what carried the day for our board of directors.”