Eighteen of the college’s packaging and systems design students attended Pack Expo Las Vegas, one of the largest trade shows for the packaging industry. Senior Jayne Little was a member of the first-place team in the event’s eighth annual Amazing Packaging Race competition, while senior Landon Holbert served on the second-place team.

In the competition, which is modeled after TV’s “The Amazing Race,” teams of students from different universities visit companies’ booths and complete a series of challenges that test their problem-solving abilities. Each team member has a different role; both Little and Holbert were tasked with documenting the progress of their respective teams on Twitter. Holbert attributes his team’s second-place finish to effective delegation of roles. “We had a very focused and driven group that was ready to delegate tasks to those who were best at them,” he said.

Little and Holbert agreed that the opportunity to network with prominent members of the industry opportunity was too good to pass up. “Pack Expo is a great opportunity for networking with potential employers, as well as other students in packaging schools across the country,” Little said.