Centers & Institutes

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Centers as places for collaboration and innovation

The College of Natural Resources and Environment is home to a number of research centers. These units focus on developing strategies and applying technology to global challenges involving natural resources and sustainability, and offer a place for collaboration among faculty and student researchers and their industry and agency partners.

CEARS brings together experts and leaders in the field of remote sensing in order to provide instruction, outreach, research, and consulting related to understanding the effects of natural and human-induced variability and change in the Earth’s systems.

The center educates business professionals and provides market research and continuing education in order to help forest products firms manage their operations and market their products.

The faculty and staff of CGIT develop creative geospatial solutions in order to solve problems and address challenges in fields such as transportation, telecommunications, industry, geography, and emergency response coordination.

CLiGS offers graduate education and professional development opportunities for aspiring leaders in sustainability, and provides research and consultation assistance for partners and projects around the world in the area of environmentally sustainable development.

Research faculty, staff, and students from CMI work with state and wildlife agencies, federal refuges and parks, private conservation areas, and military installations in order to understand and develop solutions for issues involving natural resource management.

The center works with partners in industry to conduct research involving the design of packaging, pallets, and unit loads.

After graduation, Jessica Fitzpatrick (’18) turned her undergraduate research experience into a full-time position with the Conservation Management Institute. One her many tasks as a research technician includes assessing habitats in Virginia’s Nottoway River for a project to help conserve endangered freshwater mussels. Jessica says, “My job helps me learn more about the projects and different issues being researched in my field, while equipping me with research skills that prepare me for graduate school.”

Institutes that also engage faculty

In addition to the centers that are housed with the College of Natural Resources and Environment, CNRE faculty are also affiliated with other research centers and institutes located at the university that offer opportunities for large-scale collaborative research utilizing cutting-edge laboratories and technology.

Currently, faculty members are leading and contributing to work being done in: