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Virginia Water Resources Research Center

      • Jeff Rudd
      • Alumnus creates water endowments

        The new water degree is already garnering philanthropic support from the alumni community. Alumnus Jeff Rudd is funding two endowments specifically for the interdisciplinary program.

      • Duck Pond
      • Water for the future

        Competition for clean water around the world intensifies year after year as stressors on water resources call for a scientific understanding of the water cycle.

      • Stephen Schoenholtz
      • Schoenholtz leads National Institutes for Water Resources

        Across the nation, awareness of water as a critical, increasingly limited resource is seeping into public consciousness. With an eye toward the future of water, Professor Stephen Schoenholtz has been named president of the National Institutes for Water Resources.

      • Maggie Carolan
      • Sophomore defends public health on Flint Water Study Team

        The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has attracted scientists from across the nation, most notably Virginia Tech’s Professor Marc Edwards. He and the Virginia Tech Flint Water Study Team have been sending water testing kits, analyzing data, and issuing reports about the threat to public health from high lead and bacteria levels. Sophomore Maggie Carolan of Stafford, Virginia, is advocating for the health of Flint residents.

      • Taylor Richmond
      • Water Center welcomes first intern

        Protecting water resources needs a multi-faceted approach. Last spring, senior Taylor Richmond got to experience what that means through a new semester-long paid internship in the Virginia Water Resources Research Center.

      • Kevin McGuire
      • Ecology team improves understanding of stream chemistry

        A geostatistical approach for studying environmental conditions in stream networks and landscapes has been successfully applied at a valley-wide scale to assess headwater stream chemistry at high resolution, revealing unexpected patterns in natural chemical components.

      • Ally Moser
      • Outstanding graduates

        Congratulations to our outstanding graduates: Kylie Campbell, senior; Chelsea Weithman, master’s; Erin Poor, doctorate.