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Cheatham Hall is recognized as the home of the College of Natural Resources and Environment, but faculty, staff, and students engage in research and learning activities in other facilities located on and off Virginia Tech’s campus. Primary facilities are listed below, although faculty and students do work and learn in other shared spaces on campus, including greenhouses, centers, and labs.

Cheatham Hall houses classrooms, laboratories, and offices for three departments in the College of Natural Resources and Environment (Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, and Sustainable Biomaterials), as well as the Advising Center and administrative offices for the dean. The main building was constructed in 1972, and a three-story addition and new entranceway/lobby were added in 2003.

The Thomas M. Brooks Forest Products Center, located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, houses faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials. The center also contains a variety of research laboratories and equipment, including labs for wood-based composites manufacture and testing, a high-bay wood engineering lab with full-scale timber testing equipment, the Center for Packaging and Unit Load and Design, and the Wood Enterprise Institute.

Center Woods is a research complex located on the western edge of campus that contains the Research Aviary, Aquaculture Demonstration and Research Facility, and a variety of other research and storage spaces.

This 1,353-acre demonstration forest, located 10 minutes from campus, provides space for teaching, demonstration, and research.

The center is a cooperative research and propagation facility involved with restoring and recovering endangered freshwater mollusks in Virginia and nearby states.

Dedicated in 2006, Latham Hall provides space for researchers from CNRE and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Laboratories in the building are devoted to areas such as forest molecular genetics, forest tree nutrition, and forest soils and hydrology.

The Reynolds Homestead Forest Resources Research Center is a 710-acre research and education center for the study of forest biology located in Critz, Virginia, that includes a 2-acre pond, lab and office space, a greenhouse, and a continuing education center.

Stadium Woods is an old-growth urban forest that CNRE students and faculty use for outdoor labs. The forest is located on the Virginia Tech campus near Lane Stadium. It covers approximately 11.5 acres and contains more than 250 large trees, including white oaks that are believed to be over 300 years old.

Wallace Hall is the home of several academic departments, including the Department of Geography. The building houses classrooms, offices, and the Geography Department Computer Lab, which is used for instruction in subjects ranging from basic GIS principles to advanced remote sensing techniques to drone data analysis.