Headshot of Timothy Baird

Timothy Baird

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography

  • A.B. (1999) Bowdoin College of Natural Resources and Environment
  • M.A. (2007) and Ph.D. (2012) University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

Academic Interests

Sustainability and resilience, conservation and communities, human/environment interactions, complex adaptive systems, livelihood diversification, East Africa, political ecology, mixed methodologies, interdisciplinary collaboration


Headshot of Daniel Catlin

Daniel Catlin

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

  • B.A. (2001) Hamilton College
  • M.S. (2003) Oregon State University
  • Ph.D. (2009) Virginia Tech

Academic Interests

Population dynamics, dispersal, conservation biology, model selection and interference


Headshot of Frank Merry

Frank Merry

Research Associate Professor, Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

  • B.S. (1989) and Ph.D. (2001) University of Florida
  • M.S. (1993) Virginia Tech

Academic Interests

Natural resource economics, Latin America and Africa, tropical forestry, small farm systems, low carbon development, sustainable business


Headshot of Yang Shao

Yang Shao

Associate Professor of Geography Department of Geography

  • B.S. (1997) and M.S. (2001) Nanjing University, China
  • Ph.D. (2007) University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

Academic Interests

Remote sensing, geospatial informatics, bios- ecurity, epidemiology, scientific visualization, 3-D city models, virtual reality environments, weather and climate