The college is pleased to announce the creation of the Dean’s Advisory Council. Members include professionals, donors, and stakeholders who represent a wide spectrum of practices. “We’ve assembled a strategic group of accomplished individuals to help us position the college for the future,” said Dean Paul Winistorfer. “Looking outward, not inward, is how the council will function.” The college is still in the process of building the council, which will grow to about 15 members at full capacity. Current members are:

  • Mike Melo (’79 B.S.), President and CEO, ITA International, Yorktown, Virginia;
  • Charisa Morris (’99 B.S., ’06 M.S.), Senior Federal Natural Resources Agency Manager, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington, D.C.;
  • Kathryn Prociv (’11 B.A., ’12 M.S.), Meteorologist and Producer, The Weather Channel, Atlanta, Georgia;
  • Jeff Rudd (’83 B.A., ’01 B.S.), Investor, Madison, Wisconsin;
  • Bob Simpson (’79 B.S.), President, GreenWoodGlobal Consulting, Ltd., Washington, D.C.;
  • Julie Spapperi-Morton, Co-Founder and President, The Morton and Spapperi Family Foundation, Vienna, Virginia; and
  • Anne Zimmermann (’79 B.S.), Retired, U.S. Forest Service, Springfield, Virginia.

“I am honored to serve on the Dean’s Advisory Council,” said Jeff Rudd. “It provides me an opportunity to help the dean educate prospective students, employers, and research partners about the college’s national leadership in interdisciplinary subjects such as biomaterials, water, wildlife conservation, and sustainability. I look forward to learning more about the college’s programmatic needs and participating in strategic discussions with council members to generate an enduring foundation of support for the college.”