Geography instructor John Boyer once again used a videotaped plea to convince an international figure to address his World Region’s class. On April 11, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd — who returned to his post as prime minister on June 27 — spent over an hour with the class via Skype.

“It was a great opportunity to have our students interact with a world leader about issues that directly affect the United States,” said Boyer. “That international perspective makes a much bigger impact and elicits a deeper understanding of our globalized world. Rudd is not only the leader of Australia, a vital U.S. economic and political ally, but he is also a scholar of China and the Pacific Rim region.”

“Rudd’s wealth of insight and experience about that part of the world, and the U.S.’s changing role in it, is exactly what I hoped was imparted to our students,” Boyer continued, “so they are better prepared to navigate and interact in this 21st century in which an understanding of our connected world is increasingly a necessity for personal and professional success.”

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