Since earning his bachelor’s degree in geography in 2011, Tyler Bristow has put his studies to the test, working to improve the technology available to the global renewable energy community. Bristow is a GIS developer at the NASA Langley Research Center, where he designs and develops geographic information system (GIS) web mapping applications that provide user-friendly visuals of Earth science datasets.

Bristow became familiar with GIS technology during his time at Virginia Tech. “My position at the Conservation Management Institute as a GIS technician showed me the true value and importance of geospatial technology,” Bristow said. He added that working with GIS technology in other classes like forestry, biology, and meteorology added to his knowledge, which has led him to success in his career.

Bristow is currently working on the Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resource (POWER) project, providing geospatial solutions and web mapping capabilities to researchers, students, and professors worldwide. “We are helping expand the user community and accelerating the realization of economic and societal benefits from Earth science, information, and geospatial technology,” he explained.