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Thank you for visiting the Faculty & Staff Resources page

This page contains a number of resources that we hope you will find useful as a faculty or staff member within the College of Natural Resources and Environment. We’ve also provided some links to Virginia Tech resources that may be helpful.

This page is evolving, and we will revisit the content frequently to add new information or to retire that which is outdated or no longer serves a purpose. Our intention is not for this to be a location for depositing documents but to provide project-oriented and service-oriented resources as well as helpful links.

Access brand resources

Check out the resources below for policies and best practices regarding the use of branded materials and for obtaining official Virginia Tech brand elements and merchandise, as well as college, center, and department lockups.

Additional faculty and staff resources

We are always looking for great stories about what’s happening in CNRE and creative ways to tell the CNRE story to our varied audiences. If you have big news — especially news relating to student learning, research, or outreach activities — please let us know!

We manage and work within many communications mediums, so we can help determine which is the best channel for each story: social media, website, newsmagazine, etc. We also work with Media Relations to distribute articles through VTX and other channels. Check out the CNRE news feed.

If you are a faculty member with multiple, ongoing projects, consider which one is the most important in terms of impact and your research priorities as we do not have the capacity to produce news stories about every grant and paper. In addition, we also give preference to projects for which a CNRE faculty member is the principal investigator or lead author.

If you have a story idea, please contact Krista Timney, director of communications, at or 540-231-6157.

We can also work with the Media Relations team to develop a media advisory or tipsheet when there may be a developing story that will interest the media, such as a change in a law or policy, an impending event like a hurricane, or a significant campus event. A media advisory is a great way for us to provide reporters with the names of faculty experts who can contribute to their original stories. Here are some examples:

In addition to writing and distributing articles and press releases, we also perform the following communications and marketing activities that help advance the work happening in the college, contribute to alumni engagement and fundraising, and recruit prospective students:

  • Publicizing events and programs through the use of appropriate communications channels, including the Cheatham Hall lobby video monitor
  • Managing the college brand assets and offering guidance for their use
  • Creating content for and designing college publications
  • Developing and maintaining the college website
  • Managing the college social media accounts
  • Offering guidance and best practices related to newsletters, social media, writing for the web, and print publications
  • Connecting reporters and other media personnel with faculty experts, and generally working to build and nurture relationships with the media
  • Assisting faculty who are interested in preparing and training for media appearances
  • Providing training and consultation on web design and implementation issues for sites using the university's CMS
  • Providing training on how to use video equipment and Zoom to broadcast or record an event
  • Connecting college faculty and staff with the appropriate University Relations units and personnel for additional assistance and services

If you have questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Communications Team or visit us in 321 Cheatham Hall.

  • Krista Timney, Director of Communications, or 540-231-6157
  • Will Pfeil, Web and Media Specialist, or 540-231-6639
  • David Fleming, Writer and Communications Specialist, or 540-231-5531