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In CNRE, we study multiple levels of environmental issues, from global climate patterns to local distribution of endangered freshwater mussels. We investigate natural biological systems and develop applied technologies. Most importantly, we work closely with colleagues within the college and throughout the world to try to solve current environmental and natural resource-related issues. Explore the activities of our four departments through the links below.
  • Sustainable Biomaterials

    Our faculty and students develop the tools and skills to invent the next generation of biomaterials and to improve sustainability and efficiency of design and production. From biofuels to nanotechnology to forest products, these technologies are vital to a sustainable global economy.

  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation

    The department is involved in efforts to evaluate, conserve, and manage animal populations throughout the world in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial environments. Often relying on a combination of field-based data collection, lab-based analysis, and computer-based evaluation, we strive to make a difference in how society values our fish and wildlife populations.

  • Geography

    The field of geography offers a unique perspective on current issues, from climate change to population growth to globalization. In the Department of Geography, students and faculty develop analytical and technological tools to address these issues in the areas of meteorology, geospatial and environmental analysis, and international development.

  • Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

    In this department, research and education focus on the newest technologies and applications, leading to science-based and sustainable management of forest resources. The multi-disciplinary approach includes environmental resource management, forest resource management, forestry business operations, urban forestry, watershed management, natural resource recreation, and natural resource education.

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