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Virginia Tech’s Career and Professional Development staff works to empower all undergraduate and graduate students at Virginia Tech to discover and attain a fulfilling career. They are located in the Smith Career Center, so this should be your first stop when you are ready to start — or continue — your career planning.

Then, you’ll want to make sure you take advantage of all the help available to you in CNRE, from faculty mentors to the annual career fair.

Thinking about major options? Our Degrees & Majors page provides provides information about career options and employers for each major in the College of Natural Resources and Environment.

Mark your calendar for the annual career fair

Every fall, current students and their future employers attend the annual CNRE Career Fair at Cassell Coliseum. There’s also a networking reception the evening before the fair, and some companies and organizations hold next-day interviews. Check back for more information once the 2020 dates are announced so you can add them to your calendar:

  • Networking Reception: TBA
  • CNRE Career Fair: TBA
  • Interview Day: TBA

Check out these quick links to career resources

Handshake is the new platform being used by Virginia Tech Career and Professional Development to help connect current students and recent alumni with employers. You can use Handshake to apply for jobs and internships, see career events, schedule advising appointments, interview with employers visiting campus, and more.

There are two online platforms that current students can use to locate job and internship opportunities: Canvas and Handshake. See the instructions for each platform below. Recent alumni seeking opportunities may continue to have access to the CNRE Advising Center weekly job announcement newsletter. If you have questions about your access to the Advising Center’s job announcements, please email

Locating job and internship opportunities on the CNRE Advising Center Canvas site:

  • Login to your Canvas account.
  • In your dashboard, click on the CNRE Advising site.
  • On the left, click on the “Files” tab.
  • Locate and click on the first file, titled “1. Job & Internship Opportunities.”
  • Notice that files are dated by semester and month. Job and internship opportunities are organized by the month in which they were posted. For the most recent opportunities, click on the current month. Some students may want to view opportunities in several recent months, as jobs posted early may still be accepting applications. Students exploring job and internship opportunities may benefit from viewing older opportunities to review company information and job criteria for their own searches.
  • See job and internship postings in this location. Opportunities are listed with some basic information in the document title such as company, organization name, position title, location. etc.

Locating job and internship opportunities through Handshake

Virginia Tech is now using Handshake to connect students and employers. This modern, user-friendly interface can be a great resource for finding professional opportunities, internships, and even student employment positions. Students are encouraged to visit Career and Professional Development's Handshake site for more information.