Fall 2012

From the Dean's Perspective

      • Dean and Prof. Lamb
      • From the Dean's Perspective

        We are focused on moving forward and are executing what we set out to do — become more relevant in the global discussion.

Global Sustainability

      • XMNR Students
      • Students Advise Top Chinese Hotel on Sustainability

        The inaugural cohort of Executive Master of Natural Resources students from the college’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability in the National Capital Region traveled to China in March where they designed a sustainability strategy for a top hotel in the rural Upper Mekong River watershed.

Student Notes

      • Kyle Dingus
      • Dingus Returns as Futures Intern

        Kyle Dingus visits many different venues in order to reach prospective students and promote the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation undergraduate programs.

      • Perkins with Ex-poacher
      • Perkins Interviews Converted Poachers

        The first-ever intern for a nonprofit conservation organization called Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO) speaks about his experiences in southern Africa.

      • Zoe Carroll and Robert Bilbow
      • Students Help Return Animals to the Wild

        Zoe Carroll and Robert Bilbow, both junior wildlife science majors, spent this past summer helping nurse injured and abandoned animals back to health so they could return to the wild.

      • Andrew Wilson
      • Wilson Uses GIS Skills on Wallops Island

        He wanted to ensure that the 492-foot structures wouldn’t obstruct flight buffer zones, cause interference with the combat systems center, or violate Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Engagement and Outreach

International Crossings

Alumni Corner

      • Jim Schwille
      • Alumni Profile: Jim Schwille

        Considering that only one team in the National Football League includes men on its cheerleading squad, it’s rare enough to find a male cheerleader these days.

      • James Smith
      • Early Career Scientist Award

        The International Spatial Accuracy Research Association named its new Early Career Scientist Award after James L. Smith.

      • Robert Weih
      • IN MEMORIAM: Robert Weih

        Weih focused his research on the application and development of geospatial models and methods for natural resources and environmental phenomena.

      • Additional alumni news

        We love hearing about all the great things going on with our alumni — awards, promotions, retirements, etc. Regrettably, we don’t have enough space in the newsmagazine to print them all. You can now catch up with former classmates and fellow Hokies online.