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Undergraduate Student

Jordan Schoeneberger

Major: Applied Economic Management - Environmental Economics, Management, and Policy focus

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

  • Minor: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Growing up in the diverse and thriving area of Northern Delaware, I was not exposed to resource shortages prior to taking a gap year with AmeriCorps. There, traveling to California, Iowa, and Texas, I had the opportunity to work firsthand with federal agencies on addressing water and resource shortages in a reactive way. With this experience in Geospatial Information Systems and Emergency Management, I saw the lack of manpower and the inefficiencies of the systems currently in place. Yet, since being at Virginia Tech, I hope to apply the skills gained studying Applied Economic Management to the research of just how using these resources shapes the economy and essentially our lives to help those communities in need. In this way, I wish to be part organizations that proactively apply the knowledge gained from data and changing climates to address global resource use for a sustainable future.

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