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Undergraduate Student

Alex Ricketts

Major: Human Nutrition Food and Exercise - Science Track

Graduating in: May 2017

  • Minors: Psychology + Urban Planning

My name is Alexandra Ricketts, and I am currently a senior majoring in Human Nutrition Food and Exercise with minors in psychology and urban planning. I have always had a strong passion for the environment and understanding more about how our human species fits into it. This past summer I had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia and New Zealand where I was able to learn about many different perspectives to combating climate change and living in a sustainable manner. Here I became much more aware of some of the problems we are facing today, as well as different changes people can make in their everyday lives to live more sustainably. Since this trip, I have become more interested in figuring out ways to become more sustainable and how city design, active transportation, and human health can fit into this.

When looking at my strengths; harmony, competition, developer, empathy, and individualization, four of my five top strengths are located in the relationship building category. This category of relationship building is reflective of how I live out my day to day life, and how much I value interpersonal relationships. I believe that understanding people and working together is crucial to solving any problems, whether they are stopping climate change or settling a disagreement between friends. I love working with other people and learning about different cultures, and having the ability to see something from someone else's perspective is crucial when looking at an issue as big as climate change.

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