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Undergraduate Student

Virginia Pellington

Major: Multimedia Journalism

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

  • Minor: Business Leadership

My name is Virginia Pellington, and I am a junior studying Multimedia Journalism at Virginia Tech. In addition to studying journalism, I also have a Business Leadership minor and a concentration in Sustainability.  My interests lie in the intersection of these three subjects. Studying in the communication field has given me a deep appreciation for persuasive messages, visual design, and media production. Studying Business Leadership has sparked my passion for corporate social responsibility and environmental economics. Furthermore, studying Sustainability has opened my eyes to a world of problems that I’m determined to help solve. 

Currently, I’m assisting in the creation of an interdisciplinary Sustainability minor at Virginia Tech. This minor was designed to give students a well-rounded perspective of the complex nature of sustainability and how nearly all fields relate to it. This past summer I also had the honor of working with NatureServe and the National Park Service to create videos and podcasts to teach people about the environmental issues our planet is facing. My dream job would be working for a sustainability consulting/strategic planning firm that advises corporations on how to be socially and environmentally responsible. My ideal workplace would be one where I could work with creative, strategic thinkers who are dedicated to making our world a cleaner, more innovative, and all around better place for future generations.

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