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Undergraduate Student

Miles Metzger

Major: Economics

Expected Graduation Date: May 2017

I am Miles Metzger, a senior pursuing a degree in Economics while dabbling in a wide range of subjects from Psychology and Neurology to the fundamentals of Data Analytics and Statistics. I'm ultimately interested in Decision Science; how to generate information to make decisions, how to develop a calculated and accurate decision maker, and the incentives driving different choices in both a micro and macro environment. To this end, I am a Research Assistant for the resident Behavioral Economist at Virginia Tech, Professor Alex Smith. I am also the Vice President of an intercollegiate organization focusing primarily on competitive video gaming called Virginia Esports Association. 

Many aspects of environmentalism and sustainability boil down to someone deciding to reap a benefit despite the cost being higher. Whether this being a firm's pollution causing a greater societal cost than their private cost, or a rapid-rate of consumption with non-renewable resources that outpaces the ability for technology to develop, ultimately it boils down to the choices that individual people make. My dream job would be one that would allow me to continue to learn but in a situation that I can influence the problems people face over the course of their life in order to create a healthier, happier, and more productive society.

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