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Undergraduate Student

Minhao “Jerry” Chen

Major: Industrial Systems Engineering

Expcted Graduation Date: May 2017

  • Minor: Green Engineering

Hello Everyone! My name is Jerry. I am a junior in Industrial Systems Engineering and my minor is Green Engineering. I am an international student from the Shanghai Area of China. At Virginia Tech, I am a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineering. I have been taking many kinds of part-time jobs at Virginia Tech. For my future, I don’t have a specific plan. I may base it on my knowledge from ISE to start my career in industry. I would like to work on ISE applications in the real world and apply green concepts and innovations to them. Industrial pollution and waste are still major problems threatening the world. Then after a few years, I may switch to a consulting business to share my experience dealing with industry and environment to influence more and more companies. The impact I want to make on world is to optimize the solution for the compromises of cost and benefit. For now, the employer I am looking for should be willing to give a chance to an international student. It doesn’t matter if it is an internship or a job. The position can be related to any aspect of my major and does not have to be industry-focused.

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