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Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Program offers excellent international experiences through courses taught in a wide variety of countries. These courses are offered to students from any major who have completed at least one year of on-campus instruction and have met the GPA standards. Students participating in a Study Abroad program may qualify for undergraduate or graduate credit.

How to Apply

All students must complete and submit all application materials before their application will be considered. Applications are reviewed in the order that they are received, and candidates are accepted on rolling admission basis.

CLiGS Global Projects

CLiGS Brazilian Amazon Project | Fall 2014

The CLiGS Brazilian Amazon Program is focused on exploring the complexities of sustainable development challenges and strategies when a booming economy rests on natural resource use and extraction.  The 2013 GSI Brazilian Amazon Project explored public-private partnerships and strategies being developed in the Northern Amazon Basin to expand commodity production, namely soy, while simultaneously reducing illegal deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.  The team worked for several days in the Amazon Basin and concluded their work in Rio de Janeiro.  The next GSI Brazil Project is scheduled for Fall 2014 with travel dates in January 2015 -- stay tuned for details.

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CLiGS Russia Green Cities Project | details coming

The CLiGS Russia Green Cities Program focuses on exploring the implications of urbanization and resource wealth for the megacity of Moscow in the face of national-scale population declines, particularly as it relates to urban planning and quality of life.  The 2013 project was postponed.  Details on rescheduling coming soon.

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CLiGS India Urban Ecosystems Project | Fall 2013

The CLiGS India Urban Ecosystems Program explores the challenges of building and managing complex socio-ecological systems in the rapidly developing area surrounding Mumbai.  The next CLiGS India Urban Ecosystems Project is scheduled for January 2014 and will focus primarily on Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai and the areas surrounding it, examining the challenges of managing for ecosystem services (including the conflicts surrounding them) in the context of rapid population growth, urban development, and encroachment. The project is being offered as part of VT's Fall 2013 semester and the deadline to apply is October 25, 2013.  

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CLiGS China Waters Project | Spring 2015

The CLiGS China Waters Program explores the implications of economic development strategies for the sustainability of ecological infrastructure systems in various types of communities and landscapes, and works with partners to develop strategies for managing these challenges. CLiGS China's Waters Program focuses on three river basins - the Upper Mekong Basin in southwest China, the Yangtze Basin across central China (including the Shanghai urban cluster), and the Lijiang River Basin in southeast China. Details on the next CLiGS China Waters Project coming soon.

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CLiGS South Africa Ecological Infrastructure Project | Spring 2014

CLiGS South Africa Ecological Infrastructure Program is focused on regional planning and development strategies that emphasize and enhance green and ecological infrastructure systems in the urbanizing regions of Johannesburg and Durban to meet South African development goals. The next CLiGS South Africa Ecological Infrastructure Project is scheduled for spring 2014 with travel dates in June 2014. Deadline to apply is March 21, 2014.

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CLiGS Chesapeake Bay Watershed Cross Sector Partnerships | Summer 2013

CLiGS Chesapeake Watershed Program is focused on innovative cross-sector partnerships that have been brokered to advance green infrastructure solutions (in its broadest sense) in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, particularly within the Potomac sub-watershed.  The 2013 projects associated with this program are currently restricted to XMNR students.

CLiGS Turkey Sustainable Tourism Development Project | Summer 2014

CLiGS Turkey Sustainable Tourism Program is focused on exploring and supporting the capacity of local-level actors to partner and strategize towards developing tourism industry and infrastructure that conserves and enhances regional cultural and environmental assets. CLiGS is working towards collaborating with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey as well as local actors to build strategic and effective support for sustainable community based tourism in Turkey by strengthening the capacity of local tourism actors and non-governmental organizations to partner and contribute to sustainable tourism development.  The 2014 project will explore these issues.  Details coming soon.  The deadline to apply is May 5, 2014.

CLiGS Indonesia Program | details coming

Details coming soon



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