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Undergraduate Student

Margaret Goetz

Major: Environmental Informatics

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

  • Minors: Geographic Information Science and Watershed Management

Don’t be afraid to fail, but don’t ignore the signs either. I was in engineering through fall of my sophomore year. I then realized engineering wasn’t for me — the extensive studying and constant hard work wasn’t paying off, so I switched to environmental informatics due to the data modeling and analytics. So far, it has been so much more enjoyable and rewarding. I can cater the classes to my interests and I get to take a lot more physical geography and hydrological-related classes while still retaining an analytical mindset.

In summer 2016, I interned with Peter Sforza in the Center for Geospatial Information Technology, working on the 3-D mapping of campus. The experience involved working with ArcMap and ESRI software, which I enjoyed tremendously and look forward to using in the future. GIS modeling and software is the future — we are able to model possible futuristic scenarios so we can prepare for anything and everything, or map disaster scenarios to try to figure out the extent of the damage or contamination. Environmental data analytics can also be applied to almost anything — transportation, remediation, research. I am so excited to be in this new major and learn become an environmental problem solver. Now entering my junior year, I have decided to add a minor in watershed management and am honored to have been accepted into the Leadership Institute.

Honors and Awards

  • Dean’s List, spring 2016

Position Search

Professor and
Department Chair

The Department of Geography at Virginia Tech is seeking a visionary and energetic individual to serve as professor and department chair. This is a full-time, 12-month, tenure-track position available July 1, 2017.

Position Information

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