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Donald Linzey

Instructional Faculty

A.B., McDaniel College (1961); M.S., Cornell University (1963); Ph.D., Cornell University (1966)

Research Interests

Donald Linzey's areas of research have encompassed the disciplines of herpetology and mammalogy in Bermuda, Virginia, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He organized and directed the Bermuda Amphibian Project for 8 years investigating possible causes of amphibian declines on the island. Linzey has conducted mammal research in every eastern state from New York to Florida. For the first time in over 50 years, I compiled all known data for Virginia mammals. In addition, I have compiled all known mammal data for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Courses Taught:

  • Mammalogy
  • Herpetology
  • Natural History of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Current Research Projects:

  • Distribution and status of the cougar, least weasel, and other rare mammals in Virginia and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • Food habits analyses of coyotes on the Cherokee Indian (Qualla Boundary) Reservation in North Carolina and in the GSMNP as part of a larger investigation into the reasons for the decline of small mammal populations and the effect of coyotes on the wild hog population.
  • Revisions of a book and monograpjh on the mammals of GSMNP.
  • Revision of a book on the snakes of Virginia.
  • Preparation of a book on the mammals of Virginia for the non-scientist, Master Naturalist, 4-H member, Scouts, etc.

Select Recent Publications:

  • Linzey, D. W. 2016. Mammals of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 3rd edition. The Univ. of Tennessee Press, Knoxville. (in press).
  • Linzey, D. W. and J. White. 2016. Snakes of Virginia. 2nd edition. Univ. Press of Virginia. (in press)
  • Hamed, M. K. and D. W. Linzey. 2015. Updated Distribution of the Least Weasel (Mustela nivalis) in Tennessee. Poster presentation at Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency annual meeting, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. March 5, 2015.
  • Linzey, D. W. 2015. Mammals of Great Smoky Mountains National Park - 2015 Update. Southeastern Naturalist. (in press).
  • Kumar, A. V., D. W. Linzey, and C. R. Smith. 2013. Bait preferences and population status of small mammals in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. J. North Carolina Acad. Sci., 129(2), 44-52.
  • Swartwout, M., R. Andrews, and D. W. Linzey. 2013. Hemidactylus turcicus (Mediterranean Gecko). Herpetological Review, 45(1), 92.
  • Linzey, D. W. 2012. Vertebrate Biology (textbook). Second Edition. The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore.
  • Linzey, D. W. 2008. A Natural History Guide to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Univ. of Tennessee Press, Knoxville.
  • Linzey, D. W. 2006. Carnivores: from smallest to largest. Southeastern Biologist, 53(1), 44-46.
  • Linzey, D. W. 2005. Cougar - ghost of the forest. Susquehanna, 7(2), 5-7.
  • Linzey, D. W., J. Burroughs, L. Hudson, M. Marini, J. Robertson, J. P. Bacon, M. Nagarkatti, and P. Nagarkatti. 2003. Role of environmental pollutants on immune functions, parasitic infections and limb malformations in marine toads and whistling frogs from Bermuda. Intern. J. Environ. Health Research, 13, 125-148.
  • Linzey, D. W., M. J. Harvey, E. B. Pivorun, and C. B. Brecht. 2002. Significant new mammal records from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee-North Carolina. J. North Carolina Acad. Sci., 118(2), 91-96.
  • Bolgiano, C., T. Lester, D. W. Linzey, and D. S. Maehr. 2001. Field evidence of cougars in eastern North America. Sixth Mountain Lion Workshop, Austin, Texas.
  • Linzey, D. W. 1984. Distribution and status of the northern flying squirrel and the northern water shrew in the southern Appalachians. The Southern Appalachian Spruce-fir Ecosystem: Its Biology and Threats. National Park Service Research\Resources Management Report SER-71:193-200.
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  • (540) 231-2290
  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation (0321)
    Cheatham Hall, RM 154, 310 West Campus Drive
    Blacksburg, VA 24073

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