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Doug Graham


Douglas Graham was born and raised in Gaithersburg Maryland, where he attended Gaithersburg High School. He received his B.S. from CNRE in Wildlife Management '94 and his DVM '98 also while at  Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. As an undergrad, he served on the Agricultural Club Council representing The Pre-Vet Club of VT. He was president of the VMRCVM (Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine) Class of 1998. He has been back to CNRE to speak to the Wildlife Society and previously advised CNRE students interested in veterinary medicine. 

After spending ten years in Maryland working mainly in companion animal private practice but also some emergency and wildlife medicine, he has returned to the VMRCVM working for the administration. Dr. Graham is a founding member and also a past president of the Virginia-Maryland Veterinary Alumni Society, and previously served on the Virginia Tech Alumni Association Board of Directors representing CNRE and VMRCVM from 2002-2008. 

He is currently a Christiansburg-Blacksburg Rotary Club member and an avid Hokie sports fan. His interests include reading and hiking (especially in SW Virginia), and staying fit. He lives in Blacksburg with his wife Holly and three children: Alexa, Emily, and David plus a Shetland Sheepdog, two cats, and a Siamese fighting fish.